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“With this training, developers can rapidly get to speed on this technology and be ready to develop products and solutions for this new market.” Phil Edholm, WebRTC World
“WebRTC School is the home of the offical WSQI™ and WSQD™ certifications” Graham, CEO The SIP School
“WebRTC marries the web with VoIP, while at the same time being a moving target. WebRTC School comes to fill in the gap for developers and IT people who need to get acquainted with this new technology.” Tsahi Levent-Levi
“Taking (the) SSCA certification, really opened my mind to the possibilities that are out there with SIP.” Rahul - Global Training, Genband
“WebRTC is set to disrupt the world of communications and the WebRTC School is proving itself once again as a recognized center of learning excellence” Ken Workun, Genband


If you want to learn about WebRTC either as a WebRTC Developer or Integrator then visiting WebRTC School, the global leader in WebRTC education and certification, is the right choice. WebRTC School is the only issuing authority for the WSQD™ and WSQI™ certifications and is the location to get WebRTC training that teaches not only the main elements of the specification but essentially how to write WebRTC applications and implement them.