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For Purchase Orders / Invoices to be accepted we require 5 or more student licenses to constitute the order, please send a request to

A training License gives an individual student access to the training program and / or certification test that they or their company have purchased for them for a duration of 12 months from date of purchase.

They are individual licenses and must not be shared with others.  Sharing a logon (license) is against the Terms and Conditions of purchase and use, any such sharing will result in the revocation of the license with no refund.

WebRTC School Integrator training and access to the WSQI™ certification test is $225.00 and you can see this by clicking on the 'Buy it Now' button on the menu

WebRTC School Qualified Integrator 

The average student study time is approx 3 hours and includes the training and sample quizzes.  The WSQI™ certification test is not included in this average.
Important additional information
For each course a student access license is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Any associated tests must be attempted before the license expires or access is lost.
An email will be sent 2 weeks prior to expiry to warn of this.
You can check on the expiry date by logging on and clicking on the 'Expiry' tab
Licenses cannot be extended beyond the expiry date unless paid for.

The WSQI™ or WebRTC School Qualified Integrator is a certification that proves you have a good foundation in all things related to WebRTC with a focus on the inderlying technologies that need to work in order for WebRTC apps to work, such as NAT, ICE, IETF Protocols, Security and much more.

The WSQI™ exam is associated with our training course called WebRTC School Qualified Integrator

For full details on the program:-

Go to the website menu, choose 'Training and Certification' and click on the Outline button next to WebRTC School Qualified Integrator

All tests are online, you do not need to go to a 'testing center' 

All tests that you have a valid license for are accessible when you logon
They are all 'Timed' and when you start the test you will be shown instructions before the timer begins.  These instructions will tell you how much time you are allowed.  
For example, the WSQI™ test is timed at 80 minutes.
Passmark for all tests is 80%.  
For example, the WSQI™ test requires 44 questions to get correct out of the 55 that we present to you.
The test licenses allow 3 attempts.  If you use all 3 and need another attempt then you can purchase 'test only' licenses from the website.
If you successfully pass the test you will be shown your score and then you can download your certificate and logo image by clicking on the 'History' tab on the website.

WebRTC is an amazing new technology that promises to transform communications.

Check out the Wikipedia entry here

WebRTC World here

Also, there is a great demo online here at

No, all training and testing is online

We recommend large screen devices such as desktops and laptops to get the full experience and also to see the technical details shown on the screen - especially Wireshark traces.  Tablet devices are also fine yet Mobile devices do tend to be difficult to use because of their screen size.

The device used must be connected to the Internet at all times and will benefit from a connection speed of 10Mbps+   ... Other speeds above 5Mbps will work though you may experience some delays in the training loading at first.

The training is provided in HTML5 format - browser compatibility is detailed here

For the course, you will download Softphone clients and other software to your device thus you will need the correct access rights to do this.  Smartphones (and tablets) can also be used to install SIP phone clients if you have one.

For any more questions please email 

The training programs will run on most devices using a 'supported' browser but as there is a lot of detail displayed on the screen we recommend that screen sizes are no less than 240mm in size.  Less than this and information will become hard to see.

The SIP School has a 'sister' site in WebRTC School.  Both of these sites are owned by Vocale Ltd.   From September 1st 2023, WebRTC programs and exams are no longer sale items.  Students with existing licenses can still access their programs.

Yes, the book is called WebRTC APIs and RTCWEB Protcols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web by Alan B. Johnson and Daniel C. Burnett

For more information on this publication including purchasing options, please visit